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HealthWatch has responded to the following consultations:

Consultation Due Submitted Outcome
PSA consultation on the future of the Accredited Registers programme 18/02/2021 14/02/2021 Awaited
UK National Screening Committee: public involvement 13/12/2020 05/12/2020 Awaited
NICE: update of guidelines for elective caesarean section 26/11/2020 28/11/2020 Awaited
Proposed changes to food labelling 21/10/2020 07/08/2020 Awaited
NICE: prevention of fetal alcohol syndrome 18/09/2020 18/09/2020 Awaited
DHSC: proposed changes to the Human Medicine Regulations to help with the safe and efficient distribution of a COVID-19 vaccine, etc. 18/09/2020 18/09/2020 Draft Statutory Instrument written October 2020
NICE: management of chronic pain 14/09/2020 07/09/2020 Awaited
Competition and Markets Authority: IVF clinics 12/05/2020 06/05/2020 Final report and guidance issued 10th June 2021
DHSC: storage of embryos, eggs and sperm 05/05/2020 05/05/2020
The government had already decided that storage limits should be extended from ten years to twelve. It is unclear if any further change has been made to the regulations following this consultation.
Select Committee on Health & Social Care: NHS services during the pandemic 27/04/2020 25/04/2020
Report published 1 October 2020. No mention of breast cancer screening or AgeX.
MHRA Relationship with the public 07/10/2019 30/08/2019 Unknown – report delayed by Covid-19
European Medicines Agency Regulatory Science to 2025 (June 2019) 30/06/2019 28/06/2019
Report of strategy published March 2020. The EMA clearly had its own agenda and much of what is in the report reflects this. There is some mention of medical device regulation, e.g. where the report says that they wish to "[c]reate a process to consult medical device authorities and/or notified bodies (as applicable) for device-related aspects throughout the product lifecycle, including post-authorisation safety related events".
NHS England Implementing the Long-Term NHS Plan: Proposals for Possible Changes to Legislation 25/04/2019 N/A
Awaited. No date of publication of outcome mentioned on website but there is an invitation to sign up for updates.
Cancer screening review (Richards) 18/04/2019 18/04/2019
Interim report published May 2019. No mention of concerns about breast cancer screening or the shortcomings of the AgeX Trial.
Research integrity concordat 05/04/2019 05/04/2019
Awaited. Email sent to their office on 7th September 2019 asking for an update.
NICE consultation on shared decision-making 09/02/2021 09/02/2021 New guideline published 17/06/2021.
DHSC consultation on the appointment of Patient Safety Commissioner 05/08/2021 03/08/2021 Awaited.


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