Read the latest HealthWatch newsletter:  Newsletter 115, Spring 2021

As part of our vision for taking HealthWatch forward, we plan to concentrate our efforts on two or three projects or areas of investigation in depth. This could involve research, investigation, taking part in consultation ... anything that will forward HealthWatch's aims of promoting integrity in healthcare. Projects currently under way or completed have included the highlighting of concerns over Public Health England's age extension trial of mammography screening, the student experience of CAM teaching in medical schools1 and two investigations into the efficacy of the Consumer Protection Regulations as applied to health claims (one published2 and one in the final stages of data analysis).

Among HealthWatch members and committee there is a vast pool of skills, experience and enthusiasm. We know that we have many supporters who would like the opportunity to get more directly involved. So let's have your ideas! Please complete our very short Focus questionnaire to suggest areas that you think we should investigate. Just click here.


1. Ho D et al. Focus Altern Complement Ther 2013;18(4):176–81

2. Rose LB et al. Med Leg J 2012;80(1):13–8