Read the latest HealthWatch newsletter:  Newsletter 116, Summer 2021

The Winter 2016-17 issue of the HealthWatch Newsletter is now online - in full! The HealthWatch Newsletter is now free to read and download.

Features in this issue:

  • NEWS FEATURE Are the WHO guilty of woo? An out-of-date World Health Organization report is being widely cited as evidence for the efficacy of needling, and Australia’s award-winning Loretta Marron calls on the WHO to set the record straight for the sake of the poorest and most vulnerable.
  • HEALTHWATCH AWARD WINNER Peter Gotzsche is tired of being labelled controversial – the Cochrane scientist and author who compares big pharma to organized crime just wants to tell the truth about medicine. He pulls no punches in his talk to the HealthWatch AGM, reported here.
  • BOOK REVIEW broadcaster and journalist Nick Ross shares a taste of Edzard Ernst’s new book on homeopathy
  • plus Chairman's report from latest AGM, Student Prizewinners and news updates

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