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Dr Mark Porter jostles for space with Nick Ross, Michael Baum, Edzard Ernst, and Leonore Tiefer's shocking report on a new sex drug, in this winter’s issue of the HealthWatch newletter, out now.

Mark Porter of BBC Radio 4’s “Inside Health” is on the front page talking about the hazards of guidelines in clinical practice. “The evidence we’re looking at is not always pertinent to the people we’re treating,” he says. “External pressures mean that guidelines get rigidly applied. They become tramlines. And I think that’s a problem.” Mark Porter was speaking on accepting the 23rd annual HealthWatch Award at the HealthWatch Annual General Meeting, 20 October 2015 at the Medical Society of London.

On the subject of sex, the hunt for the “pink Viagra” resulted last year in the US FDA’s approval of flibanserin (“AddyiTM”), a drug with very limited benefits for women and considerable drawbacks. How did this happen? Our guest feature from Professor Leonore Tiefer, award-winning US clinical psychologist, tells how the little pink pill went from feminist issue to billionaire-maker to damp squib in a matter of weeks. Journalist and broadcaster Nick Ross celebrates the career of Edzard Ernst, joint winner of this year’s John Maddox prize for standing up for science. Celebrated breast cancer surgeon Michael Baum reports with enthusiasm on his meeting with a like-minded group in the Netherlands recently; news and pictures of our latest student prize-winners; and a run-down of HealthWatch’s achievements during the past year is on page 3.

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