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Which is worse - fat or sugar? Nutrition expert David Bender considered the question in a feature in the HealthWatch Newsletter one year ago, and the question continues to be debated in the media. You can new read Dr Bender's full article free, in last autumn's HealthWatch Newsletter which is now available to access online.

All HealthWatch Newsletters become fully open access 12 months after first publication. They include high quality, full length features by experts in medicine, healthcare and the media, and are of interest to everyone who believes health claims should be backed by good, scientific evidence. One year on, many articles are as relevant as when they were first published.

Also in the October 2014 issue, leading breast cancer surgeon Michael Baum reports on giving evidence at the House of Commons inquiry into screening; medical journalist and author John Illman describes the five-step approach to reporting clinical trials; Professor Edzard Ernst explains why the statistics don't stack up where alternative medicine is concerned; and ophthalmic registrar Gwyn Samuel Williams explains why he considered getting a flak jacket after his blog went to press.

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