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HealthWatch members were at a party, organised by Sense About Science, which was held in the Penderel’s Oak pub in Holborn, London, on 16th May 2013.

This is the pub where, on 18th May 2009, a group of well-known scientists, comedians and writers were assembled on the initiative of the lawyer David Allen Green, to object to a libel action against the science writer Simon Singh. This meeting led to a protest against the suppression of scientific debate, which grew into a wider campaign to reform the repressive, centuries-old libel laws. After a four-year campaign, involving thousands of people and hundreds of organisations, the old laws were overturned. The new Defamation Act became law on 25th April 2013.

HealthWatch has received a donation of £50,000 from a private individual who supports our aims and objectives, and who has no connection with any pharmaceutical company, nor any financial interest in any complementary or other therapy or treatment, to establish a research fund.

Applications are now invited for funding to support research projects that meet our aims and objectives. More details here.