An independent charity for science and integrity in healthcare

Read the latest HealthWatch newsletter:  Issue 109, Summer 2019

Welcome to HealthWatch

We are the charity that has been promoting science and integrity in healthcare since 1991.

We stand for:

  • The assessment and testing of all medical and nutritional treatments, products and procedures
  • Consumer protection in regard to all forms of health care
  • The highest standards of education and evidence-based health care by practitioners
  • Better understanding by the public and the media of the importance of application of evidence from robust clinical trials

We are against:

  • Misleading advertising of health products
  • The sale of unproven remedies to the vulnerable and desperate
  • Unethical marketing by pharmaceutical companies
  • Misconduct in clinical trials
  • Media misinformation on health and nutrition
  • Government promotion of health and screening programmes unsupported by evidence

Our activities include public debates, awards, a student competition, and a quarterly newsletter. For more information see About HealthWatch.

Please join us, and follow us on Twitter for news on evidence.

Our honorary president is Nick Ross and our Patrons are Robin Ince, Professor Steve Jones FRS, Dr Margaret McCartney, Sir Michael Rawlins and Lord Dick Taverne QC.

Please note that we are not connected with the NHS organisation "Healthwatch England".