• What We Do..

    We promote fair tests of health treatments and quality information for the public and health care professionals.

  • Who We Are..

    We are volunteers, mostly senior scientists, journalists, lawyers and clinicians.

  • Why evidence is important…

    Therapies can do more harm than good – it is crucial to know the evidence.

  • How HealthWatch helps…

    We have expert panels, an e-mail press enquiry service, and we publish informed comment on evidence.

Welcome to HealthWatch

Our aim is to promote evidence-based healthcare. Whether you are a patient, carer, clinician, medical researcher, journalist or healthcare manager we offer a free service, provided by volunteer experts. We help to distinguish treatments that really work from claims that are not based on fact. We challenge any medical interventions which are unproven, whether orthodox therapies, well-meaning quackery or downright charlatanism. False health claims need to be exposed. Please join us, and follow us on Twitter for news on evidence

What is Healthwatch?

HealthWatch is a voluntary non-profit making body whose members include doctors, lawyers, scientists, health workers and journalists.

Who is Healthwatch for?

The formal objects in our constitution include the development of good practices in the assessment & testing of treatments & the conduct of clinical trials

Who Runs Healthwatch?

Our honorary president is Nick Ross; patrons are Robin Ince, Professor Steve Jones FRS, Sir Michael Rawlins and Lord Dick Taverne QC.

Who Pays For Healthwatch?

We rely primarily on our members' subscriptions. We have received generous donations from a number of individuals & charitable trusts.